5 Reasons to Buy the iPad Air, 5 for the Retina iPad Mini and 5 to Buy Neither

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Words to which you can append the letters “er”: light, thin, fast, cheap. Apple checked those boxes and more at its prosaically dubbed “Special Event” Tuesday afternoon, trotting out retooled laptops, souped up tablets and a new hard-to-top price for OS X along with several key apps, as in “nada.”

While the new iPads don’t cost nada, the starting price for an iPad is the cheapest it’s ever been — as little as $300 for a 16GB iPad Mini. An extra $100 fetches a new 16GB iPad Mini with a 7.9-inch Retina display and internal specs every bit the equal of the svelte new 9.7-inch A7-powered iPad Air.

Time to buy one? Upgrade your existing model? Wait for better? Let’s talk tablets.

Herewith, the arguments for the iPad Air:

You don’t have an iPad, you’ve been thinking about buying an iPad and you want a hunka hunka burnin’ iPad.


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