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Year Zero
by Rob Reid

purchase here“I’m reading this for my book club, Ludicrous Speed. It’s the book we’re discussing in November. This guy’s a new absurdist sci fi writer in the legacy of Douglas Adams & Terry Pratchett. It’s his debut novel, and it’s incredibly goofy and a lot of fun. The hero is a music copyright attorney who hates his job — and rightly so, it sounds like it sucks. The book’s about the fact that aliens have been pirating our music since the 70’s. Even the cheesiest 70’s theme songs are better than any music the aliens could create. The fine for pirating comes to more than the combined wealth of the universe. The aliens don’t want to pay. It’s this guy’s job to prevent them from wiping out all of humanity. In the back there’s a list of music all the main characters…

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